Lady Lucrethia

Choosing the right fragrance for New Year’s Eve is never easy. It depends on the event, the clothes, your mood and ultimately, your preferences.

Yesterday, on the 30th of December, I knew just one thing about my outfit: I wanted something that goes with a special perfume.

So, after hearing on a TV show that 2020 is a metal year in the Chinese zodiac and that I should wear silver or white, I chose a silky white blouse and a pair of palazzo silver pants.

Both of them reminded me of a reinterpreted 1400-1500 dress. After that, the perfume came naturally. I immediately thought of Lucrethia V Canto by Terenzi.

I bought the perfume in a moment of impulse, without knowing  anything about the fragrance or the house and without smelling it first. It was a special offer on a Black Friday, two years ago, in the airport duty free.

Lucrethia was launched in 2016 and it was created by Paolo Terenzi, a very talented creator of perfumes, that I advise you to follow on Instagram.

It is a oriental floral perfume, long lasting, elegant, distinguished, but not overwhelming. Even if the lady whose name the perfume got was a powerful and fearful woman, that the history presents as an infamous character, the scent is delicate, not harsh. It is actually more ladylike than ruler of the kingdom like.

I recommend it for a lady in her late thirties or higher than that, because is an elegant and classic fragrance, that could  involuntary age a young girl. Also, because I see it fitted for elegant, classic, silk or velvety outfits, styles and materials not fitted for your twenties.

The dark red bottle reminds exactly of a dark personality, but the velvet that covers it gives it the delicate touch of a lady and leaves you with a nice sensation on your hand.

The box looks like an old coffer guarding a papyrus filled with secrets, and it is closed with a silky rope and a round seal emblem.
Everything about this fragrance says elegance, distinction and class.

So, if you have this perfume, wear it on special occasion, with elegant clothes, even white or black tie dress code, because it will only add style to your outfit. If you don’t know this perfume, you should check it, because you might find a new favorite.

PS: if you are a romanian reader or you pass through Bucharest, you can find this perfume and others from the house in Obsentum shops.