The only Alexander I love is Alexander McQueen

McQueen Eau de Parfum was a blind buy from Best Value, at a pretty nice offer, because it had the box a bit deteriorated, which was not a problem for me.

If I would resume the description in just one word, it would be “interesting”.

The fragrance is sweet, floral, powdery delicate and with a touch of vintage. It is very lady like, suited for all ages and activities, also for all season wear.

You can definitely feel from the first spray until it fades on the skin the tuberose and jasmine. It is a bit intoxicating, especially if you don’t like those two scents.

I, personally, don’t get the pink and black pepper top notes, but you can get a hint of ylang-ylang from the middle notes and the vetiver base.

It is not an expensive perfume that smells more precious than the price, reminding me of some niche perfumes I have tried along my fragrance journey.