Organza – a fragrance for old souls

The trip down memory lane continues with another fantastic Givenchy fragrance, another classic and another piece de restisance.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I think Givenchy is the House I own most fragrances from. I especially love the ones created before 2010. I find those fragrances more unique than the newer ones, and I find them very different from other fragrances on the market at that time. In my opinion, they really stand out from the crowd.

Another Givenchy that I love is Organza. I had various bottles, from which I kept only two. The 100 ml version, for which I managed to misplace the cap, and the miniature, which I bought for my final day of high school, in 2001. The miniature still has the price tag on it.

Organza is an oriental floral fragrance, suited for a lady in her thirties or more, due to it’s complex structure and strong scent.

The fragrance was launched back in 1996 and it is another love it or hate it type of fragrance. It is a decadent, luxurious, mysterious, sexy, bold, with a hint of vintage fragrance.

It opens up strong, with a mix of flowers and spices, that are present in every layer, in different combinations. Top notes are: nutmeg, gardenia, african orange, green notes, bergamot. Middle notes are: tuberoze, wallnut, jasmine, honeysuckle, iris, peony. Base notes are: vanilla, amber, woodsy notes, guaiac wood, virgina cedar. All of them are so well mixed, that you cannot put the finger on just one. There is not one note that stand out and, at the same time, all the notes stand out strong, creating an overall effect of a veil covering the skin.

It is strong, but not overwhelming. It is sweet, but nauseating. It is flowery, but not like a garden in spring, it is spicy, but not bitter.

It is a velvet like scent, perfect for a night out, an elegant dress, a black-tie event because it inspires elegance and attitude. Every time I wear it, I feel mature, strong, empowered and feminine. I also feel the need to wear designer clothes and accessories with it. It is definitely not for everyone, not for active women, not for young girls. I could say it is a fragrance perfect for old souls in young bodies.

As other Givenchy fragrances, this one is absolutely fantastic and I strongly encourage people to try it! It is worth the money and it is a must for every fragrance lover collection.