The Absolute Queen

I always find it extremely difficult to write about the fragrances I truly love, because I find each word way too incapable of expressing my exact feelings and emotions. This one, I’m writing about in the article, is my queen of all, one I dreamt about and finally got the courage to get it, being a bit out of budget, but is worth every penny spent.

After getting a sample from a friend, as I was a bit scared to blind buy it, mainly due to the high price, I knew I had to have it.

Launched at first in 2014, exclusively for the Russian market, Pikovaya Dama from Xerjoff was re-released for the international market in 2018. It is the creation of Chris Maurice, the nose behind most of Xerjoff’s creations and masterpieces and it is a tribute to the poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin and his “The Queen of Spades” story.

Pikovaya Dama is a story itself, a work of art, and a masterpiece fragrance. Although it is listed as unixes, I find it truly feminine.

It is delicate, classic, well-mannered, elegant, imposing, with a strong, overwhelming personality. Pikovaya Dama is a character by itself, it is an alter-ego, with its mind and feelings. One doesn’t wear Pikovaya Dama. Pikovaya Dama is the type of fragrance that needs to be convinced to allow one to wear it.

So, I got it about a month ago and I still haven’t got the opportunity to wear it, because Pikovaya requires a certain occasion, mood, and outfit. On my Yt channel, you can also see the review I made the day I got it .

Notes, as listed, are:

Top notes

Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, neroli, Bulgarian rose

Heart notes

Coriander, Moroccan Atlas cedar, incense from Oman, Turkish orris, nutmeg

Base notes

Patchouli, Ceylon sandalwood, musk, Bourbon vanilla

For me, notes are:

Top notes: long waved hair, red lips, and pearls

Heart notes: white fur cape and white long gloves

Base notes: white lace and velvet long dress with golden fairy dust

When I sniff it, my mind instantly wanders and takes me to an infinite field of white flowers, with butterflies, birds singing, sun shining and a clear blue sky. It’s paradise in a bottle.

Now, the fragrance opens a bit citrusy, then becomes powdery from the aldehydes in the top notes, that fragrantica lists also, and then it becomes powdery-sweet. It is so very well blended that I cannot pinpoint which is which. It also reminds me of the way my mother’s cosmetics used to smell, the ones I loved when I was growing up and was not allowed to use.

In a way, it reminds me of the classic Chancel no 5, that type of evergreen smell, that never gets out of fashion. It is extremely velvety and simply slides inside de the nose, the lungs, and the mind.

It is not an easy to wear fragrance or a comfortable one. Also, it is not an all-taste fragrance or all-day and activity wear. It is pretentious, and that makes it a bit difficult to integrate it into an outfit.

But, for me, it is fantastic. It is the definition of a perfect fragrance, a signature, and statement fragrance.

Due to its high price, I advise against blind buying this one, but I definitely encourage you to try it.