My incense jam

Well, if I were to summarize the fragrance I’m writing about today in just one sentence then this would be: incense jam.

Encens Mythique from Guerlain was a well-thought choice for me, as I loved more aromas from the Les Absolus d’Orient collection. It is a great collection, with fantastic fragrances when it comes to performances and quality, at an affordable price.

The creator of this one is the famous Thierry  Wasser, the nose behind so many famous fragrances nowadays. When you get acquainted with a fragrance designer’s creations, sometimes it is sufficient to know what perfume would be like, to have an idea about the aroma even before smelling it. You can see the video with this one on my channel, here.

At a first spray, I had the same feeling of elegance and long lasting love I had when I first smelled Allure from Chanel, one of my eternal loves. Don’t get me wrong, the two have nothing in common when it comes to the way they smell, is just the vibe I’m getting.

Encens Mythique is ambery, woody, spicy, sweet. I think if it would be possible to make a jam from incense then it would smell exactly like Encens Mythique.

The saffron, the rose, and the pink pepper create a spicy and a bit citrusy effect, that transforms into a patchouli and amber composition, all layered on the sweetness of ambergris and olibanum.

Encens Mythique smells like a rich cathedral, with golden embroideries and statuettes, where rich elegant people come to pray and listen to the service, to find their peace and the answer to any problem.

It also has that mysterious vibe you get when entering a temple, where the unknown meets the eye, where masons and knights meet for their rituals.

All in all, a great fragrance, suited for colder days and nights, a bit overwhelming, in a good way, fantastic sillage and projection. Not really suited for a blind buy though, but definitely worth trying.