A little bit of paradise in the heart of the city

Last Friday evening, I have attended the official opening of Niche Perfumery in Bucharest, a little corner of heaven in the center of Bucharest.

For a perfume lover, there are never enough or too many fragrance shops, so I am very happy every time I find a new perfumery or one new opens.

As the name states, 50 ml Fragrance Bar is a lively and cozy perfumery, where one can find niche and exclusive fragrances, for every age, taste, or desire. From expensive to very affordable, from more famous to brands for true connoisseurs, one can find everything dreamt and hoped for.

And in a world where marketing is based mostly on paying influencers and sending them free stuff, I love the fact that the owners of Niche Perfumery chose to do things differently, opening the doors of the event for everyone and not inviting internet “stars”. In my opinion, when it comes to fragrances, influencers and tv stars do more harm than good, because presenting a fragrance is an art and requires passion and knowledge.

So, in an uncontaminated environment, I had the opportunity to listen to Damien Flynn, Senior Manager at Parfums de Nicolai talking about fragrances, notes, and the brand. The event gave me the opportunity also to see real fans of perfumery, people that love, understand, and appreciate the art of perfumery.

Of course, I did not live empty-handed, and I bought the new fragrance from Parfums de Nicolai, Poudre de Musc Intense, which I’m going to review in another post.

At Niche Perfumery, there are numerous brands like Fragrance du Bois, Jeroboam, A lab on fire, Masque Milano, Agonist, Francesca dell’Oro, and many more, with a wide range of perfumes for every desire. The service is irreproachable and each customer is treated with the same respect and importance, making the buying a truly memorable experience. If you go through Bucharest, do visit Niche Perfumery or, if not, go to the website and choose a favorite! And if you don’t find a fragrance, then maybe a book, another unique feature in a perfumery.