Every love story is unique

So why not have an unique fragrance to celebrate it?

On the first birthday of my partner, that we spent as a couple, I decided to celebrate him and our love by creating a personalized perfume for him. It was a thrilling experience for me, because it was my first time in creating a fragrance.

This was five years ago, in a sunny and warm June. In Bucharest, the city I live in, there was a perfumery called Hipnose, that, unfortunately closed couple of years later.

Creating a perfume is not that simple. At first, i had to make an appointment with the creator. When I arrived at the shop, they closed it for other visitors and dedicated me about two hours for the whole process. The guy there started by putting on some relaxing music and offered me coffee or a tea. At that time, I was not drinking coffee, so i chose a fruity tea. The next step was to answer a few questions about my partner: how old is he, what area he works in, what is the event I want the perfume for, what are his passions. Than, I had to name some of his perfumes, to identify his taste in aromas.

The hard part started when the shop’s creator started to give me different perfume oils to smell. It was difficult because I loved them all and because I had to imagine how to combine them and how would those aromas fit the personality of my partner.

I remember I chose leather, musc, honey and other 3 or 4.

That, the creator started mixing them and I started smelling the results. He mixed them on a glass tray, just small drops of each. After half hour, we reached the final version. Than, he recreated the smell, diluted it in a base, and put the perfume in a distinguished black bottle.

The final step for me was choosing a name for the perfume, something that came somewhat difficult. I called it “thirty scents of love”- it was 30th anniversary. The name was written on a authenticity certificate and introduced in a international perfume database.

So, if you are looking for an unique gift for you or for someone you love, a personalized perfume it’s the perfect choice.