Tip of the day – surround yourself with perfume

If you have a favorite fragrance, that you just can get enough of, you could try to surround yourself with it.

For example, take a candle and oil burner and, in stead of adding an oil in the water, try adding few drops of your favorite fragrance. It will get you a delicate scent, all over your house or office. If you feel princess like, you can add some glitter in the water, just for glamour.

Also, you can add drops of perfume in a diffuser, in your detergent, on folding paper that you can put between your clothes or sheets.

You can also make a more complex diy project with your favorite fragrance, like candles or soaps, shower gels and body lotions. But, about this, in another post.

On another post, I will talk about diluting a strong perfume and how to use that on you or around the house.

Also, some of the niche perfume houses have their fragrances in home versions. You can find Jo Malone or Diptyque, for example. There are also special edition candles in other perfumes, like La Vie est Belle or Very Irresistible, that come in gift sets, with the perfume.

Tonight, I used Passion from Annick Goutal, a favorite of mine, that smells like tuberose and jasmin, and some Bulgarian Rose extract, with a bit of pink glitter.

So, do not be afraid to play around the house with your perfume!