Tip of the day: Don’t get bored, get creative!

For more than four years, I have applied every night cosmetic vaseline on my hands. These days, when I wash my hands more than a hundred times a day and apply disinfectant, alcohol, antibacterial soap and use all the detergents invented around the house, I am very proud to say that my hands are still resisting to all this aggression.

And now comes the fun part!

Getting a bit bored of my old and odorless vaseline, I thought of mixing a sample of perfume with some vaseline. And it worked! Now, I can smell my favorite fragrance, even if i stay inside, and my hands are still hydrated and soft!

You only need petroleum jelly, few drops of perfume and an empty cosmetic container. If the vaseline is too thick, you can try warming in hot water.

Now, I can wash again, after holding my I pad and apply the cream :).

#satysafe #stayhome #smellgood