A Black Dalia on a rainy day

I have spent my weekend in a mountain resort. Although it is the middle of the Summer, the weather was rainy and cold. Luckily I was inspired enough to check the weather forecast when I packed my bags. For the three days I put in my luggage two fragrances in case one would not suit my mood. I have used mostly one of them: Dahlia Noir from Givenchy. It’s a powdery spicy floral aroma perfect for rainy and windy days. Top notes are citrusy, middle notes are flowery, with violets and roses and base notes are powdery sweet, with vanilla sandalwood and tonka beans.

The perfume hit the market in 2011 I don’t remember exactly when or where I got it from but I can definitely say it was in my first 100 pieces of my perfume collection. I got it in the eau the toilette version and this is why it is not very long lasting and needs reapplying every few hours.

It’s a very Givenchy like fragrance, interesting, elegant and with a positive vibe. Although it is not a new fragrance, you should give it a try because it really is worthy of the money spent and the Givenchy brand.