Tubereuse Vertigineuse

It’s been a while since I had last written about a Tubereuse fragrance.

A good tubereuse perfume is definitely Tubereuse Vertigineuse from Molinard. This was a semi-blind buy. My perfume inspiration friend got it from Notino and I loved it on her. I got it at a pretty good deal, a couple of years back, from Notino.

The fragrance is a dizzying tuberose, with sweet coconut, all layered on amber, sandalwood and musk, creating a creamy effect on the skin.

It is a bit overwhelmingly sweet, but perfectly suited for summer all day wear. At the same time, it is elegant and delicate, very ladylike. It can quickly become a statement fragrance.

I advise against blind buy, but I am definitely in favor of giving it a chance, especially because it is a cheap niche, that is worth the money.