Knowing the strangest Oud

When you are obsessed with fragrances and buy compulsively everything you see, one tends to make mistakes. So turn out to be nice surprises and some turn out to be a total failure.

I don’t know exactly in which category I should include the fragrance I’m writing about in this piece. also, you have a video on my channel, with first impressions, here.

Ilm by Kemi is definitely the strangest fragrance I own. It was an impulse buy from Best Value, a total blind, not even the notes were familiar to me. I saw the Kemi box and bought it.

‘Ilm, which translates as Knowledge, is a three type of ouds fragrance, one in each layer.

It has Aged Indian Assam Oud, Bangladesh Oud, and Laos Oud.

First, I have to say that I’m a bit conflicted when it comes to oud in fragrances, as I love it when it is combined with flowers and sweets, and I hate it when it is smokey, unrefined, and chocking.

Well, for my nose, ‘Ilm smells like blue cheese, like goat and sheep on a farm, like a cowboy after a horse ride, like soil after rain, like mud and rotten leaves.

It is strange, hugely beastly, unrefined, choking, overwhelming, nauseating, impossible to wear for me.

The nose behind this strange fragrance is a great creator, Chris Maurice, who has in its portfolio exceptional fragrances, like Opera, Ouverture, Alexandria II, Lira, Pikovaya Dama and so many others at Xerjoff. This one looks to me like an experiment, designed to see how far one’s tastes and imagination can stretch.

Long story short, don’t blind buy this one. Try it one, try to unravel its mysteries, maybe you will like it, maybe you will not, but under no circumstances, don’t blind buy.