F by Freakin’ awsome

F by Ferragamo is a floral fragrance, created by the famous Francis Kurkdjian. It is not new. It was launched in 2006. I have had a small 5 ml version of it, received as a gift with a fashion magazine and obsessed about it until 2017, when I found it in a duty free shop in Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow.

It is not an easy to wear perfume. I actually find it quite difficult to integrate it in an outfit. Even if it’s described as a floral perfume, it is actually a bit woody and reminds a little of male fragrances. I recommend it for strong women, in leading positions and in jobs that imply office activity. I also recommend it for women in their thirties or more, because it has that intoxicating rose flavor, that is best suited for a mature woman. Wear it with a suit, a tie or even a bowtie. It is a nice perfume, which I love, but it is not a precious aroma, so don’t wear it with an evening outfit or for a red carpet event. It is suited for everyday wear at office or, maximum, at a cocktail party, but that’s about it. It is not an expensive perfume, so it is a good one to invest in, doing more that the price payed. Being an old one, you will definitely find it cheap or with substantial discount. Bear in mind to buy it only after you try it on you, because it is not easy to wear or accept.