A love that started with OQ

My first perfume ever, that I have bought for myself, was OQ, from Oriflame. It was a fresh, fruity perfume, suited for a thirteen years old girl, going to school and having fun with friends. The perfume is discontinued now, but I highly recommend something similar for  starting the journey in the aromas world. When you are young, simpler formulas are more suited, because everything is simpler and easier at this stage in life. If life is simple, than keep it simple. A complex formula takes a certain level of sophistication to be worn, a sophistication that one gets through experience. So, dear girls, if you want to start a journey in the aromas world, take it one step at a time and discover the perfumes according to your age and life complexity. At thirteen or less, you need to discover your favorite scent along with your personality and a wrong perfume choice can have a bad impact on your development. You want to be remembered  as a person and not as a fragrance. The perfume should enhance your innocence and energy and not overwhelm them. If you want something similar, but from a brand, I would recommend Pleasures from Estee Louder or Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy, which you will read about on this site later on. Also, you can find in the niche perfume world some nice, simple aromas, like the flowery ones from Jo Malone or L’artisan Parfumeur. Also, Atelier Cologne has some fruity sweet aromas. I loved, also, simple fragrances from Molton Brown and The body shop. In future posts, I will tell you about them. To make your choice simple, here are some basic rules:

  • chose citric aromas, like pomelo, mandarin, lime
  • Chose spring flowers aromas, like lily of the valley, lilac, peony
  • Avoid oud, leather, musk, incense, honey, coffee
  • Try the eau fraiche or eau de cologne editions
  • Go for the smaller version or cheaper brands, because when you are young, you are also restless and you don’t know exactly what suits you well.

Happy perfume discovery, my darlings!