How it all started

I have discovered the magic of perfumes quite early in life, with the help of Oriflame, Avon, BU, Clochard and Gloria Vanderbilt. In another post, I will tell you about them. But, for this one, I want to tell you my story of Noa by Chacharel. I was eighteen years old and preparing for my high school final banquet. Besides my outfit, which consisted of a long black dress with a sheer layer from tulle with small silvery flowers, I needed something  to complete my outfit. I drag my mother into Sephora and spent about two hours smelling the aromas available. It was the year 2001, so there were no niche perfumes available and, also, the number of perfumes was notably smaller than the ones we have today.

After a difficult process, I have decided to buy Noa, in 50 ml bottle. I still have the bottle and the original box today. I have noticed that the quality of it is fantastic, because, throughout the years, the smell is perfect, and the color is just a tone darker.

Noa, as described by Fragrantica, “is a small planet with a pearl inside”. The fragrances is powdery-sweet and makes me think of an elegant, delicate woman, the classical cliche of the iron hand in a velvet glove. It’s a perfume that lasts the whole day and it is suited for different outfits and moments. It is a versatile fragrance, that works very well in the morning, afternoon or evening. I recommend it for desk work, meetings, a fancy dinner or a cocktail. Being powdery, sweet and with some woodsy notes, I don’t envision it for outdoor activities, sports or beach. Although it is not a heavy perfume, I find it way to elegant to be associated with leisure.

I have tried more that a thousand perfumes and I own more than two hundred, but I haven’t found, until now, a perfume that, after almost twenty years, has the same mesmerizing effect on me. From time to time, I buy another bottle to remind me of my youth and of my first steps in the magical land of aromas. It is one of the few perfumes I hope Chacharel will keep on producing. For me, it’s discontinuance would be a very sad moment.

Besides Noa, Cacharel launched thirteen versions of it. I haven’t tried or owned any other, but I imagine are as good as Noa.

I highly recommend it as a present for a woman starting with her late thirties, that loves vintage clothes, elegant clothes, pearls and velvet gloves. You can buy it in duty-free shops, on-line or in Sephora.