Fake – pros and cons


Even though the fake industry has evolved, I don’t advice you to buy a fake perfume. You will find here my list of why and why not.

There are more types of fake perfumes:

-perfect ones, hard to spot

-medium ones, that smell good, but look bad

-bad ones, that smell and look like crap

First, let’s start with the pros:

-for almost a quarter of the price, you can have a perfume that smell like the original and lasts long when wearing

-if asked, you can brag about having a niche or a high end perfume

-with the price of one original, you can buy two to four fakes

Now, let’s go to the negative side of spending money on a fake perfume:

-even if no one knows, you will know it’s fake and the effect of owning it will not be the same on your soul and ego

-no matter the quality, a trained eye will always spot a fake and you risk making a fool if yourself

-fake perfumes don’t last that long in time and you risk to throw it away a lot faster than the original

-not being verified, you risk to develop allergies or skin rashes from the compound used

So, if you really love a perfume, I advice you the next:

-save money and get it, maybe in a few months, but the wait will worth, trust me

-go to the perfume shops (Sephora, Douglas, Marrionaud, Notino, Kendra, niche stores) and request samples you can use on special occasions

-hunt for offers and you might get a small bottle of 5 to 10 ml as gift for another purchase.

In the pictures below, you have an example of a fake bottle and a fake perfume, that smelled, when i bought it, quite similar to the original Dior Addict.

Another example of a good quality fake is the Lancome Poeme pictured below. Good bottle, perfect colour of the liquid inside, great smell. Even the code applied on the bottom of the bottle is a good one.

The bottle has the security code on the bottom, and, as you can see, it is a valid one.

Than how can we tell it is a fake perfume? If you study closely, the gold letters on the name are imperfect, like some pixels got lost at printing. Also, the spraying device has big flaws on both sides, something you will never see in an original perfume, even if it is a tester bottle.

So, if a perfume is more than a fragrance to you, more than a tool to smell nice, buy original. It is worth every penny and every effort. You will feel great wearing it.