Roses of red…


Actually Rose Oud of Yves Rocher

Even if it is not an expensive perfume, it sure acts and smells like one. I have discovered it by accident, when ordering from the Yves Rocher catalogue.

It is a cold weather perfume, suitable all day long, from the office to a cocktail. It is a easy to wear perfume, if you like the rose fragrance. It is an interesting combination of heavy oud with delicate rose, that you can find mostly in niche perfumes, but at an affordable price.

I was in luck when I bought it, because there was a catalog offer of two bottle at the price of one. This is why I advice buying from the Yves Rocher directly and not from the store, because they have always very advantageous offers.

The bottle is very elegant and classy, in a ripped grape shade, with golden letters and a golden seal, that gives it a precious look.

I always match it with an office outfit: shirt, pencil skirt, costume pants, high heels and delicate golden jewelries.   

I recommend it for women older than twenty five, that work in an office or in a environment that has a strict dress code.

Even if it is fit for all day, the Rose Oud is not fit for every situation because the smell of it is a bit overwhelming. Also, is a very long lasting fragrance. It can easily wear you and you don’t want your personality to be overcome by a perfume.

So, if you want a perfume that smells good, lasts long and doesn’t cost a fortune, definitely Rose Oud is a good choice.