Oh, the pleasure!

I was about ten or twelve when I received from my aunt my first Elle Magazine. It was an Italian wedding edition and it had a perfumed page, with Estee Lauder’ s Pleasures perfume. I was obsessed with it and, from time to time, I buy another bottle just to relive that first sensation of smelling a special perfume. It is a floral aroma, that reminds me of spring and nature coming back to life, with flowers blossoming and sun shining. I find it very invigorating and optimist. I do associate it with the wedding day, due to it’s delicate flower bouquet smell. I also recommend wearing it on a sunny day, for a walk in the park or at the beach. Being sweet, it is suited for all ages, especially for women under 45. If you like to wear a drop of perfume every night, when you go to bed, after showering, than Pleasure is the perfect scent, because it has that fresh aroma of warm skin and prolongs the clean and relaxed sensation a shower gives. It is not a long lasting perfume, maybe medium, and you can read more details about it on Fragrantica.

Wear it from the first blooming flowers, in spring, till late august, with pastel colours, silk or satin dresses and with pearls or diamonds.

Pleasures had different versions throughout time. I had only one of them, the Exotic version, which I will talk about later on the blog.