Heaven Sent

… no, God did not sent me a perfume :).

Heaven Sent is the name of a vintage Helena Rubinstein perfume, that my mother got as present almost forty years ago. So, this perfume is older than me (at least something is older than me 🙂

This perfume was launched in 1941, and it’s top notes are bergamot, orange, lemon, neroli. I have to admit that I wasn’t able to recognize any of them, because mine is very-very old.

It is still powdery fresh and reminds of other vintage fragrances. One thing you can tell is that, compared to perfumes nowadays, you can “smell the chemistry” in it. You really can tell that the oils and substances have different methods of extraction.

The bottle is from a matte glass, shaped like a spiral, with a cap and a silver-blue delicate label. I think that the shape of the bottle suggests either angel wings or fluffy clouds.

This story is not about the fragrance itself, but more about the meaning of owning a vintage perfume for a collector. For fragrance passionate, it is very interesting to smell the history of perfume, to see how the fragrances and complexity has changed and evolved over time. Also, one can study the design and the way the perfumes were, at first, for royalty and wealthy people, and then, with the years passing, perfumes became more accessible to everyone.

Smelling a vintage perfume takes my imagination to the time it was launched and makes me think of the dresses the women wear back then, the life they had, the way that man use to offer it as presents…

When I go abroad, I look for perfume museums or small perfume shops, that sell vintage perfumes. It is impossible not to fell special, like a queen, when you know that perfume you are smelling now was the same perfume that a queen was wearing to her crowning, for instance.

Also, a vintage perfume is valuable, because most of them are hard or impossible to find.

So, if you are a perfume collector, go through your grandmother or your mother’s locker and you may find a small fortune forgotten in the back of a shelf.