Mix and match

If you have a perfume that you feel it doesn’t do you justice, don’t give up on it just yet. Try to combine it with other fragrances you have. You might be in for a surprise and find that, in a combination, any perfume smells great. Another plus is that you will have your own unique fragrance.

For example, you could try the next combinations:

-amber, wood, musk as a base and something sweet or citrusy as a first note

-sweet perfume as a base and something floral above

-essential oil as a base (either an extract or an oil combination) and a perfume to complement it

Arabian oils smell extremely good and are very persistent. Those are very strong smells and, sometimes, they need a fragrance to tone them down.

My first experience with mixing different fragrances was in high school, when I use to combine a B.U or Spice Girls (from Impulse) spray with If perfume from Clochard.

I gave up mixing perfumes for the following years, but then I met a woman as passionate as I am and she reminded me that I could mix different perfumes to get a new one. She smelled great, and when I asked what perfume was she wearing, she told me that it was a mix between Si from Armani and another one I have forgotten.

So, I started mixing again. I had Via Camerelle from Chartusia, which was a gift from a dear friend, but way to fresh and citrusy for me. I tried a couple of combinations with it and discovered that it mixes well for me with Serge Lutens Clair de Musc or with Rose Emois by Molinard.

Another mix I made was between Pomelo Paradis and Ambre Nue, both from Atelier Cologne. The first is fruity and the second is a woody fragrance. The pomelo tamed the amber, which is very rough and gave it a more acceptable flavour.

Also, during spring and summer, when I cannot wear the fragrances I love, i like to mix some oils, for example Noora by Swiss Arabian applied on my skin with some fresh, fruity summer fragrances. It gives them a sweet note, but doesn’t make it an overwhelming smell.

So, if you mix and match your clothes or accessories, what is stopping you to do the same with fragrances?