Nuit et confidence


I think I have a crush on Annick Goutal perfumes.

Nuit et confidence was launched in 2017 and is a part of the Les Oiseaux de Nuit collection. It smells like sugar and vanilla, like cookies on a winter night, like candles in front of the fireplace.

It’s a sweet perfume, in a degrade blue bottle, with a silky flower around the cap.

It’s a very long lasting fragrance, suited for cold and cloudy days.

The box and bottle are also very simple and elegant, in white and dark blue, those being sufficient for a complex fragrance like this one.

It completes an elegant, velvety or silky outfit, for a cocktail or a night out. It is an elegant fragrance, suited for an elegant lady. It is also very feminine and delicate, that is why I recommend it for a lady over thirty, that feels comfortable in a vintage inspired outfit or in precious materials and pearls.

Also, you can wear it with a gown, for a party, because it brings that feminine and delicate aura to any outfit.

The bottle accessory is very nice and you can wear it in different style: as a piece of jewelry (a pendant, brooch, ring), as a hair accessory or as a key ring.

Besides the bottle and fragrance, Annick Goutal has some very interesting names for the fragrances. Nuit et confidence leaves the imagination run wild, because it could mean a lot of things: maybe a romantic night, maybe a woman that is confident in herself at night, maybe a pair of lovers that trust each other at night.

I bought the perfume last year, from a private seller, not knowing what to expect from this fragrance. I haven’t found the occasion until this November, at one of my best friends wedding to wear it.   

In conclusion, if you want a perfume that will enhance your femininity and delicateness, this one is perfect. If you feel playful and sweet, try it on. You will not regret the choice.