I like my money where I can smell it, on my perfume shelf

Owning a good quality perfume doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune on it. Here are some advices on buying a perfume, advices that can work actually on every purchase.

First of all, go to a perfumery and chose your favorite.  Test them on a blotter to begin. Than, test on your skin the ones you really like. If you are not satisfied, in shops like Sephora or Douglas you can ask for a sample to take home and experience it further.

If you have decided on a perfume, don’t rush to buy it, if it is not an emergency purchase.

Go on-line, compare prices on different sellers (but only approved or recommended sellers, not on any obscure website or instagram account).

Some big perfume sellers, like notino, have to option to buy a resealed bottle, a bit cheaper that the new one.

Than go on a hunt for discounts, special offers, black friday, special sales etc.

Also, there are the coffrets/gift sets, that can have, at the same price, a shower gel and a body cream, a 5 to 20 ml bottle, a fragranced candle or a purse. So, for the same price, you get almost double the amount of product. In this category, you can get the travel sets you find in airports.

If you decide to buy the perfume from a shop, go to sephora, douglas, macy’s, neiman markus etc, because with every purchase, you will get different samples and gifts and also, if you have a client card, you can add points to use later for other purchases. This option, of earning points with every purchase, is available also on different websites, like www.strawberry.com.

If you really love a fragrance, but your budget doesn’t allow the purchase, go on fragrantica.com and compare components of your favorite perfume and find other similar and cheaper products.

Also, in all the perfume shops, you can find a section that sells older fragrances, discontinued or not that popular anymore, at affordable prices and high quality. You would be surprised of what treasures you can find.

On Facebook, you can find groups of women that sell products they don’t like or use anymore. Identify and visit them because there is a chance you might find the perfume you love. In a different post, I will show you some tips&tricks on how to spot a fake perfume.

Always remember to shop smart so you can shop more!