Myrrhe Ardente

…was my first niche perfume. I was already obsessed with perfumes when I discovered the bottle on my friends desk, in the office. She didn’t like it anymore and just kept it laying on her desk, admiring the bottle. I asked her if she would be interesting in selling it and pouf, I entered the magic world of niche perfumes. Years after, I have bought the shower gel and the body lotion.

Returning to the aroma, this one is best suited for a courtesan, all dressed in velvet and embroidery. But that not being the case nowadays, the aroma is best suited for a business woman, with a powerful profile, with a personality that cannot be overcome by a strong fragrance. Also, one can wear this perfume for a night at the opera or a ball, because the fragrance is very strong and intoxicating and requires a mire that formal event to be worn.

I recommend it for a mature woman, very self-aware, that already knows what her style is and can tame an overwhelming aroma. Through the years, I have bought other perfumes from Annick Goutal, but Myrrhe Ardente remains my favorite from the house.