Sets and gift boxes


If you find the one, and by “the one” I mean your favorite perfume, try to find out if it is being sold in a set. Usually, the box is sold at the same price as the perfume, but has two or three products as gifts and a useful box that you can use for elegant storing or diy projects.

In a gift box, you can find:

  • 5 to 20 ml handbag version of the perfume
  • Shower gel and body cream
  • Body spray, hair spray or roll-on spray
  • Fragranced candle
  • House perfume
  • Aftershave, in the men’s sets
  • Keychains, beauty bags, small hand bags, bracelets etc.

The advantages of having those products are multiple. For example, the handbag versions allows you to reapply the perfume through the day, without having to carry 50 or 100 ml in your bag.

Shower gels and body or hand creams have the role to enhance and prolong the smell of your fragrance.

Body sprays and roll-ons, things that everyone uses for personal hygiene, keep the fragrance intact. Using a different body spray has the risk of compromising the actual smell of the perfume.

As every girl knows, if you want your perfume to last longer and to smell stronger, you can apply few drops of the fragrance on the hair. The downside is that the alcohol damages your hair. The hair-spray has the advantage of being friendly to the hair.

Fragrance candles and home perfumes allow you to feel your favorite perfume and relax in the cosiness of your home.

For mens, the aftershave, besides enhancing the fragrance, has the guarantee of a quality product.

Most of the perfume gift sets are in elegant, good looking boxes, that you can find later use for. You can use it to store make-up, jewelry, hair accessories, sewing kits etc.    

You can find gift boxes in every cosmetics store, almost every time welcoming you at the entrance. And if is is not on display what you are searching for, don’t hesitate to ask the consultants.

So, check for gift sets, because surprises should smell nice.