Rolling in Love on Valentine’s

Today, love was in the air, so I felt the need to mark it out accordingly, with a perfume that evokes love.

I love everything about Kilian’s Rolling in Love perfume. It has a seductive red bottle and a sweet but powerful smell. I have bought it two months ago, from Obsentum shop in the airport, at a special price, in an offers campaign. It is a new niche perfume, from Kilian, launched in 2019. It feels sweet on mu skin, reminding me of candies and chocolate. I could say that, if Love would smell, it would definitely smell like Rolling in Love.

It is a multi-purpose fragrance, that you can wear at work, but also when meeting your love, at a romantic dinner.

The red bottle looks inspired me to wear it with a girly outfit, with some red accessories.

I think it’s a playful aroma, that goes well with a precious lace or sequin dress, high heels and  wavy hair.

I would advice against wearing it with a stiff work outfit, because it would ruin the whole playful and sweet aroma.

I also think is a perfume for a mature lady, that is really confident and knows her strength.

It is very suited for fall or winter, because the sweet, flowery notes make it a bit oriental and a bit overwhelming for hot summer days.

And, finally, it is definitely a fragrance that could become a lady’s signature perfume.