What to wear when you are working

I often get this question from friends that know my passion for fragrances. It is not an easy question, because it really depends on what kind of work you do.

Let me explain. As you well know, people taste in fragrances is very different and it is easy to annoy someone with the way you smell. You can easily destroy an encounter just by wearing the wrong perfume. Obviously,  you cannot know others preference, but you can adapt.

So, let’s start:

  • if you work in a large office, with lot’s of people, take into consideration that everyone of your colleagues will smell of a different aroma so you should go for a more discreet fragrance
  • If you work in a small office and you and your colleagues know and accept your  tastes in fragrance, than you can wear basically anything
  • If you work with the public (you are a teacher, doctor, front office employee, customer care etc), than go for a light, fresh perfume, that could be easily accepted
  • If you know that your colleagues have all sorts of allergies, or if you have one, it would be nice to establish some ground rules in the office in terms of fragrances used
  • If you are a manager, than you can use whatever aroma you like, as long as the whole building doesn’t smell of you 🙂
  • Working from home doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear perfume. You can use it just to lift your spirit and boost your mood, especially if you are a perfume appassionato and miss the thrill that a perfume gives you.

You can apply the same rules if you have a job that requires meeting lots of people or lots of team meetings. If you are a strong person, that doesn’t get intimidated easy and can speak in public, you can wear any perfume you like, but be careful of the quantity. It should be perceivable just for you and the ones next to you, not for the whole crowd. If you are a bit nervous, a drop of your favorite fragrance could give you just the right amount of confidence to succeed in a meeting. The quantity rule applies in this situation also.

As a general rule, I would advise you to wear at work light fragrances, moderate in sweetness and to avoid heavy aromas like oud, musc, myrrh, incense etc.

And, also, as a general rule: use a perfume that you really like, just because it youl give you comfort and  confidence.