Good or bad?!



On resurrection night, in Romania, an old tradition says that children who behave receive gifts from the Easter Bunny. When I was little, my Easter bunny left me presents under my pillow and I would find them in the morning.

Being in this special historical moment, I remembered how  happy I was and I tried to revive those moments with my boyfriend.

As a short history, we had some troubles the last couple of months and I decided that I should send him a message through a perfume – the thing I do best.

So, I got him Kilian’s Bad Boys are No Good but Good Guys are No Fun.

It is definitely a masculine fragrance, but I love it’s smell.

I got it at about half of the retail price, from Best Value, because the box was a little wrinkly. As you can see in the picture, it is barely noticeable. So it was a great deal.

The perfume is from My Kind of Love collection, launched in 2018.

It smells like cola and lime, like summer and beaches, like shorts and slippers and sand in the hair. The base notes are sweet, but the lime and cinnamon give a little spicy twist.

It’s a sports perfume, suited for casual summer days and for casual attitude. I would not recommend it for business meetings or rigid work environment, because it is playful and energetic.

I see it on a tan skin, with a linen shirt and a pair of light colored trousers.

It is not necessarily for young guys, but for guys that feel young and carefree.

It is not a precious fragrance, although is a niche one, but it is definitely a wearable fragrance.

And the name is perfect for sending a message to a friend or boyfriend or husband.