Just the two molecules between


For Easter lunch, I wanted a discreet fragrance, so it doesn’t mix up with all the delicious food smells around the house.

So, looking in my perfume collection, my eyes fell on Escentric MoleculeMolecule 02.

This perfume is pure chemistry. If you read more about this house, you will discover that their fragrances are just synthetic extracts combined so they result in discrete, powdery fragrances.

I bought the Molecule 02 about two years ago, but I did not find many occasions to wear it, because I like strong and persistent scents. I think I got it on a Black Friday promo sale at Best Value.

Going back to my decision on Easter, I think the Molecule Collection (or other similar fragrances like – Not a Perfume from Juliette Has a Gun) it is suited to be work at lunch or dinner, or maybe at night, in bed.

It is very very discreet and powdery, and it changes smell from one person to another. Even if the Molecule 02 has some musk and jasmine synthetic extracts, I actually do not perceive them.

For me, Molecule 02 reminds me of spring flowers and their suave scent, like white daffodils and small roses.

It is very delicate on skin and feels a bit like baby powder. If you do not want to attract attention, but still smell nice, than the Molecule is perfect. Also, if you are a medical worker or a teacher, it is a perfect fragrance, because it is unlikely to bother someone. If you want to smell nice in bed, for you and for your partner, those are also good choices, because you do not want to smell like a perfume shop when you are resting or being romantic.

If you participate in small gatherings, like my Easter lunch, with just the two of us, than it is more than enough fragrance.

Also, if you want to emphasize other elements (clothes, jewelry, hair), it is a perfect fragrance, because it will not distract viewers attention.

If you are trying to make a statement with your perfume, than don’t get Molecule, because you will be disappointed.

If you want a perfume just for you and for the ones that get in your 2 meters personal space (as recommended by the physical distancing measures), that Molecule 02 is perfect.

And if you are still studying, please pay attention in organic chemistry classes, because this is the secret in understanding and creating perfumes.