#pillowchallenge with Bond … Bond no. 9

I do not follow internet challenges usually, but being isolated at home, I had to find a way to entertain myself.

So, I used the #pillowchallenge as an excuse to wear another of my favorites inside :).

I am talking about Bond no.9 Saks Fifth Avenue, which was produced in 2007, and is a bit rare right now.

I actually got it as a gift from a friend at work, that herself got as a gift from her father. Knowing my passion for perfumes and her not really liking it made the perfect combination.

The perfume is a sweet floral scent, with gardenia, tuberose, vanilla and vetiver.

Although it doesn’t have any coconut, it kind of smells like a summer body lotion that you apply to bust your mood. It also reminds me of a Kilian special edition from two years ago, called Love the way you feel (which I am going to write about in the following days).

It’s a playful aroma, very well suited for long summer days, for walks in the park or at the beach side, and even for work, if you combine it with a flowing silky dress.

It is definitely a delicate scent, suited for a delicate woman. It is not a cheap perfume, it is a very high priced one, and if you are determined on buying it, I advise you to try it first. Although it is a very wearable scent, it might not be for everybody, because it is just a bit overwhelming. If you are more of a business oriented or sports oriented personality, you might feel that is inappropriate for you.

Also, it is an all age suited scent. Every time my mother visits, she goes straight to the bottle, which makes me happy because we usually don’t like the same fragrances.

I have never been in New York, but somehow I imagine that this is how it smells in the summer in Central Park. I guess I will have to test mt theory one day.