Roses and chocolate

Yep, that is the name and that is the fragrance. In this case, what you see is really what you get.

Mancera Roses and chocolate is a sweet perfume, that really smells like chocolate. If you love chocolate in all shape and sizes, that this is the fragrance for you.

I bought this perfume about two years ago from Notino. The main reason was that I didn’t have a fragrance from Mancera and I was curious. Another reason was the name, and the third was the offer I got it at.

Although it has lots of nice ingredients, the smell you feel at every level is the chocolate. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you suffer from chronic indigestion or various allergies, because it has a very strong smell.

It is a playful aroma, suited more for cold days and nights and for warm clothes. I don’t recommend it for hot summer days, because it is way to sweet. I kind of imagine wearing it in front of the fireplace, in a cold winter day, in the mountains at a cabana.

I wouldn’t say it smells like a precious perfume, as a niche perfume should smell, but I don’t dismiss it. Also, it is definitely a woman’s aroma, although it says is unixes. 

I would not recommend to be worn at work, because it is a very strong scent, that might not be liked by everyone.

All and all, it is a nice perfume, somewhat wearable, but if you think on buying it, try it first for a few hours and that decide. Smelling like chocolate for a day long might be ideal only in theory.