Tradition, Easter and Perfume

Today, I am going to write about a very old tradition kept in some parts of Romania, involving perfumes.

It is the tradition of men perfuming women on the second day of Orthodox Easter. This tradition is mostly in Transilvania (the north part of Romania), and it was taken from german and hungarian populations.

In noble families, the tradition was kept about until nineteenth century and after that only the villagers kept it.

Initially, the girls were sprinkled with fresh wellspring water so they will be beautiful, give birth to healthy children and smell like spring flowers all year round.

The girls and women expect their visitors with easter eggs, tequila and cookies, that they offer to the boys after they sprinkle them and recite a poem.

This tradition is kept also in some Transylvanian cities. Here, the wellspring water is replaced with perfumes or sprays.

After a whole day of being sprinkled, most of the girls have to wash their hair because the smell becomes a bit unbearable.

On the third day of Easter, the girls pay their revenge by splattering boys with water, another tradition taken from the jews that splattered with water Jesus followers that announced his resurrection.

Boys gather in groups and go to houses where girl live and start with the poem: “We heard you had a beautiful rose, we are here to sprinkle it to grow, to flourish and to live a long life”.

At first, in the country side, girls were “saluted” with buckets of water. Nowadays, boys choose perfume and start with their mother, their women relatives and than go to the hoses of girl they like, trying to impress them with their chosen fragrance.

This tradition is fun and usually it ends with parties all over.