A perfect day starts with a phone call from the courier


This was the story of today!

Two years ago, a good friend of mine from work gave me a perfume (I know, it’s deja vu). It was an Arabian perfume: Absolute Bidun Esam Tribute. I have loved that fragrance. Since then, I have asked friends that went to UAE to buy me another. I have searched for it on line a hundred times. Right before Easter, I have found Oriental Fragrances, an website that delivered to Romania.

I have ordered two of the perfumes, and waited for my order.

On Tuesday, by accident, I found an e-mail from the website, saying that the perfume was discontinued and that they do not have it. And so, the adventure begins. After asking for a refund, they replayed that actually they found a bottle “near Oriental Fragrances”, and they could sand me that one and refund the other. In addition, they gave me express delivery at the price of normal delivery so, the next day, DHL wrote to me that they are doing the customs for my delivery. So, in just three days, I got my most wanted perfume. Oriental Fragrances are fantastic. More than that, they also gave me two free samples :).

I got a package from UAE to Romania in only three days! It takes longer to get a package from Romania!

Now, about the perfume.

It is an oriental, flowery-sweet scent, that lasts on the skin very long. It is very different from anything else I have tried on.

It is a perfect perfume for going to office, but also for a night out, in a club, with a mini skirt and high heels.

It is a very sensual fragrance and I kind of feel sexy and strong when I’m wearing it.

If you stumble upon it in your journeys, buy it without hesitation. And if you already have it, wear it!

And, also, do not overlook Arabian fragrances. Some of them are really fantastic, even if you might think a brand name guarantees high quality. Do not get discouraged by the very colorful, embellished and not so perfectly executed bottles. Try them on and I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!