I’m a rebel

I think every perfume story begins with “I have a friend who”.

So, I have a good friend, a man who would have bin a Sir, if we would be in UK, that calls me “Rebela”- that is “Rebel”.

So, when I saw Salvatore Ferragamo’s Signora Ribelle, I had to have it. I bought it from a private seller so I didn’t know how it smells. I knew most of Ferragamo perfumes and I was quite sure that I will like it.

The fragrance was quite the surprise. It is a sweet-candy like fragrance, suited for a variety of activities and environments.

It is mostly a young girl suited perfume, but this doesn’t mean you cannot wear it if you feel young and playful. Although it is sweet, it is a not strong or disturbing aroma, so it is definitely wearable at work.

It is not a statement fragrance, but more likely a day to day perfume. Also, I would not recommend it for a cocktail or black tie event. Maybe for a date or a night out with friends.

Oh, and it is definitely a summer suited perfume, due to frangipani, vanilla ice cream and coconut milk notes.

All and all, if you want a day to day, playful perfume, that you could wear at work, in vacation or at the gym, than Signorina Ribelle is the perfect choice.