Ce soir ou jamais

Back to my Annick Goutal obsession.

I got this perfume by accident. In 2015, coming back from China, through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, i spent more than one hour choosing a perfume in the duty free. I smelled a Annick Goutal perfume that I really loved, but the bottle didn’t have the tag on it. I started to eliminate the bottles and assumed that the one I loved was “Ce soir ou jamais”. Wrong conclusion. Also, I almost missed my flight back home, being the last one to board the plane, after being called by the airplane crew :).

So, this fragrance wasn’t my first choice, but it was a nice surprise. I have to admit that I wouldn’t have bought it by choice.

It smells like roses. Fragrantica says it smells like Turkish rose, but I actually think it smells like Bulgarian rose, and that I don’t really like. Even though is a long lasting fragrance, it has a simple roses smell and you cannot really perceive other notes. For me, it is way to flowery.

It is not a bad perfume, not by far, but it is a difficult one, because the rose smell is overwhelming.

It is a spring suited scent, perfect for work, because it is delicate and discreet, but I don’t think is an unique or statement fragrance.

The name, on the other hand, makes it perfect for a gift given to a loved one and makes the wearer feel sexy and provocative. I chose it today because I wear a playful outfit, a short black dress, like a school uniform.

So, if you like rose perfumes, Ce soir ou jamais is perfect for you. If you are really bothered by the roses fragrances, that stay away from it, because the rose notes last and the smell doesn’t fade.