I mean I love all Jo Malone fragrances. The one I wore today is Myrrh&Tonka.

It was very difficult for me to choose a fragrance from Jo Malone to buy (this is my third one, but my favorite by far). I got this one at on offer from Best Value, and it is worth every penny.

It a sweet fragrance, delicate, perfect for a work day, in an office, with a classic ladylike outfit. It is not a new fragrance, it was launched in 2016, but it is definitely in my Jo Malone top five preferences.

Although the top note is lavender, I cannot really feel it, which is nice, because I don’t like it in fragrances.

For me, it smells like candies and cookies, sweet, sugary and attractive. The notes blend perfectly, making it very elegant and precious, and making it keep it’s smell integrity all day long.

It is a perfect fragrance for over thirty years old, for office work, for a lady in a management position or just very ambitious and determined. In the same time, it really completes a ladylike outfit, a silky dress, a long skirt or a classic shirt and an A-line skirt.

It is also playful and sexy aroma, that is well suited for a romantic evening with your partner.

It is also a very long lasting aroma, medium priced, and definitely worthy of the niche tag.

So, if you want a sweet, precious, elegant and not overwhelming fragrance, that Myrrh&Tonka is the one for you.