Lady vengeance – no, not me!

Well, that is one perfume in which I like more the name than the fragrance itself.

The weather is cold and rainy these days so Julitte Has a Gun’s Lady Vengeance is a perfect fragrance.

Also, I did need a push and a boost of confidence, and the name of this perfume really helps the ego.

The fragrance is interesting, not in my top five, but a nice one, very long lasting and worthy of the niche name.

It is an old aroma, launched in 2006, but I have recently blind buy it, because it was a good offer in duty free shop at my work. Having the package a bit deteriorated, it had a 30% discount, so it was a fair acquisition.

Although the Bulgarian and Morrocan rose are between the middle notes, you can feel them from spraying until it dies down.

I would call it a floral sweet perfume, with a strong touch from musk.

It is an elegant fragrance, suited for work or for a date, not very precious or overwhelming, but definitely difficult to wear if you don’t like the roses smell.

The name, on the other hand, really gives the confidence you need during harsh times, and that is what attracted me to it.

Also, the black, white and red bottle, with the well known Juliette Has a Gun design, is very elegant and mysterious, making it a valuable addition to one’s perfume collection.

I chose an all black leather outfit for this fragrance, and I kind of see it with masculine touches outfits rather than with silky, lacy, girly outfits.

All in all, if you can live with a rose aroma all day, than this is a perfect fragrance for you. Also, if you want a medium priced niche perfume, this one is really worth the money.