A triple traditional celebration

Today is about my country and what this day means in our history.

9th of May is a triple celebration, all in connection with our independence and development.

On the 9th of May 1877, Romania declared it’s independence from the Ottoman Empire.

On the 9th of May 1945, the Allies Force defeated the Nazi army, ending the World War II.

Also, on the 9th of May, we celebrate the European Union, of which Romania became a full member on the 1st of January 2007.

So, what a more appropriate day than this one to wear a Romanian fragrance?! I chose, for today, Essence de Roumanie’s IA perfume. It was launched in 2018, when another important celebration took place in Romania: the centenary-a hundred years of The Great Romania (the country as it is today). The name of this perfume comes from the traditional romania blouse called Ie. You have seen this blouse at almost every major fashion house, because it is a very beautiful and versatile clothing item.

This fragrance is sweet, a bit powdery and smells like grape juice and wild flowers. It is an all season suited perfume, because it is delicate, not overwhelming at all.

It is a long lasting fragrance, that tones down very interesting, just fading and not really changing it’s smell.

It is a complex smell, composed by fourteen ingredients that mix and match perfectly, resulting in a natural fragrance, like you have spent an entire day in a garden of flowers and fruits.

You could definitely wear it all day long, even at work or for a walk in the park. It is versatile and different from anything I have tried along the years.

It is an affordable fragrance, not to expensive for a niche perfume, made in Grasse-France, where many of today’s fragrances are made.

I have bought it last year from Douglas, but the idea and the creation of this perfume belongs to a Romanian Niche Perfumery- Elysee.

In this series, there is another fragrance called Roman (the word for romanian, a male citizen of Romania). As the creators say, both fragrances work fine alone or combined.

If you want a quite unique perfume, with some history behind it and that speaks about Romanian traditions, than IA is the fragrance. It could be the start of a beautiful journey of discovering Romania and it’s attractions.