I’m not a Nomade

But I like Nomade from Chloe.

I knew the perfume before I bought it but I cannot say it is a revelation or something special.

I actually bought it at a special offer on Parfimo. I got a mini version, 20 ml, at about 15 euro, so it was a bargain.

Nomade in this version was launched in 2018. In may opinion, is a day to day, wearable perfume, suited for work, not bad at all, but also not extraordinary.

It is floral fresh fragrance, with some sweet notes given by the sandalwood and amberwood base notes. It is a medium lasting fragrance, like most floral fresh perfumes. Not a lot to say about it, unfortunately.

If you want to smell memorable, I don’t think Nomade is a choice, but for a day to day wear it is perfect. Also, it is perfect for the “saving kit” in the handbag.

I would advise against a blind buy, because, for the same price, you can find better fragrances, including at Chloe’s. Try it first and buy it after, if you like it.