Peonies are my new obsession

On the 15th of May, starting from 2015, we celebrate, in Romania, The National Day of Romanian Peony.

Last year, I bought compulsively in one day, from a known and verified source 10 niche perfumes. Between them, it was Peoneve from Penhaligon’s. It was actually a demi-blind buy, because I didn’t have enough time to see how it will settle on my skin and how long it lasts.

It was and still is my only fragrance fron Penhaligon’s. I don’t have a reason for this, because I love their fragrances.

Peoneve is a sweet floral perfume, with a hint of spices, very elegant and clean.

Although peonies don’t have a powerful smell, I would have hoped to fell a stronger note in this fragrance. Being combined with jasmine and roses, the peony fades a bit, but you can feel it. It is definitely a strong classic fragrance. I imagine that this is the smell of England’s flower gardens outside stoney castles.

The fragrance lasts a few hours, settling in a clean sweet aroma, very well suited for spring wearing. I find it a fragrances for am over thirty lady, that knows what she wants and doesn’t get easily overwhelmed by a perfume. I recommend it at work, with a smart casual or office outfit. It is an all day wearable fragrance, for a not so warm day and for large spaces, because it might disturb others.

I advice against blind buy, because it is not an easy to wear fragrance and it is definitely not an all taste fragrance.

Try it, see how the chemistry goes and if you feel after a few hours that you can wear it, only then buy it. It is not a cheap perfume, and that is why you have to be sure you like it.