Best blind buy ever

Lately, I made a lot (actually A LOT) of blind buys, after reading reviews on different sites and groups. My last blind was from, a Romanian based seller, recommended by perfume lovers. I have to say that the price and service are great, and I highly recommend them for romanian buyers.

I visited the website to buy Molinard-Figue, but because I prefer acquiring more products rather than pay delivery taxes, I chose also another fragrance: Onde Sensuelle by L’Artisan Parfumeur.

Wow, I mean WOW! It’s woody and sweet and spicy. It’s strong, feminine, empowering and lasting.

The wow factor begins with the box: a fucsia velvet square box, with a golden tag, making it so precious and divine to touch.

Than, the bottle, in a octagonal elegant shape, with the same golden tag and a golden cap of the same shape as the bottle. It is so elegant, a perfect match for the golden liquid inside. The attention for details in this perfume is astonishing.

The aroma is a perfect mix between fresh, flower and wood notes. The first notes remind of childhood sugar candies, the middle notes of jasmin sambac allow the woody base notes to transcend and remain on the skin for a very long time.

It is not an easy to wear fragrance. It is perfect for a lady over thirty five years old, very aware of her power and advantages, very sure of herself and very determined. It is a perfect touch for a silky blouse, a pencil skirt and black stilettos. Also, it is perfect for an elegant evening, with a long black dress.

Despite the sweet notes, I see it also on a strong business man, negotiating a million dollars deal.

Also, another plus, for how precious this fragrance is, it is quite cheap, the price being around 100-139 euro, depending on where you buy it. I actually bought the 125 ml bottle for 50 euros, which was a real bargain. That is why I highly recommend

So, if you like woody perfumes, with strong notes, if you don’t feel overwhelmed by a fragrance, than Onde Sensuelle is the perfect choice.