My first Molinard

… was a gift from a dear friend, few years back, on my birthday, very soon after it was launched.

Rose Emois (emotion roses) is, as the name states, a roses notes perfume, mixed with some minty, citrusy and amber notes.

It is definitely a precious fragrance, worthy of the niche tag, but it is not an easy to like or wear perfume. I say that because I’m not the biggest fan of rose scented aromas and I find them a bit disturbing.

The mix of mint, saffron and bergamot give the scent a touch of spice and mix together very well, toning down the sweetness of the rose. The base notes: amber, sandal, agar-wood and musk give the perfume that strong/harsh aroma, very specific to niche/expensive perfumes.

It is a cold day perfume, suited for a determined woman, in a leading position, because it is a perfume that can easily overwhelm and own the person wearing it. Even if it is a women perfume, I would find it very intriguing on a man, because it settles on the skin quite manly and heavy, despite the “emois” in the name.

I used it in the summer, mixed with other fresh citrusy perfumes, like Bergamotto di Calabria from Perris Monte Carlo.

It is not a cheap perfume and nor does it smell like one. It is not easy to wear, but it is very elegant on the skin. I definitely don’t recommend a blind buy on this one and also not a compulsive buy. Try it on, let it settle for a couple of hours, because it is heavy and long lasting, and after wearing it for few hours, decide if it suites you or not.