Head in the clouds

I always have my head in the clouds, but this post is not about my head, but about another good blind buy!

Ariana Grande’s Cloud is a perfume that really blew my mind, considering that she is not a perfumer or even a jeweler. I have to say that I walk by the singers and stars perfumes or cosmetic lines, without a blink, even though I bought a JLo Glow many years ago and I really loved it.

Maybe is misconception, maybe mistrust, I don’t know, but I still tend to avoid fragrances named after Hollywood stars.

I have bought Cloud after reading about it on-line. Lots of praises and favorable reviews made me curious. Starting to look for it, I saw that it is hard to find, unlike other Ariana Grande fragrances. That convinced me to buy it, actually. In Romania, you can find it only in Douglas, where the price is a bit high, or on Notino, where I got it from. I found a great offer, a gift box with 100 ml perfume and a shower gel and body cream, at about 50 euro.

The bottle is funny, cheap looking though, revealing the name – a round light blue bottle in a white plastic box imitating shapes of clouds.

The fragrance is quite nice, playful, youngish, discreet. It is a sweet-powdery scent, that reminds me of the fresh warm showered skin, with a layer of body cream on a summer day.

It is wearable aroma, suited for hot summer days, for a walk in the park or at the beach, with a long silky dress and with the wind in the hair.

It is a delicate aroma, working just fine in an office or outdoors. It’s a day to day fragrance, medium lasting, clean and savory. The notes are very well mixed, and even if the first notes have lavender, which I don’t really like, you can’t feel it. The result on the skin is a creamy sweet aroma, of a light summer desert.

I really think is an all-taste aroma, and it is definitely worth the money spent. If you are looking for a day to dat perfume, cheap and great quality, that this is a pretty good choice.