Dolce far niente…actually dolce buying fragrances

I was in college when a friend of mine came to me with three or for bottle of perfumes to sell. This happened more that fifteen years ago, so my memory faded a little and I only remember three of them: Dolce&Gabbana – Pour Femme, Chanel – Allure and Gucci – Rush 2. After half day of deliberation, I chose Allure, which is still one of my favorites today, but I was left with the regret of not getting the other two.

This regret is with me today, because I never got the chance, in 15 years, to buy those two. There were always other fragrances that I have love most.

In March, this year, I have placed my first order on Parfimo and decided to buy Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme Intense. The reason I got this one is that is the 30 ml bottle and, at that time, I didn’t knew the website so I took a chance.

Pour Femme Intense was launched in 2013, and it is a sweet sensual aroma, with sandal wood and marshmallow as base notes and tuberose and orange blossom as middle. The top notes of neroli and mandarin tone down a bit the sweetness, but the final aroma on the skin is still sweet.

It is a perfect aroma for a mature sensual woman, very aware of her power of seduction, sure of herself, ambitious and strong. I see it in the office or at a cocktail. It is an easy to wear fragrance, because it is very delicate, not harsh at all, despite the “intense” name.

It is not a special “not ever smelled” perfume, but it is a good classic one, that any collector should own. It is also ok for a blind buy, because it’s comfortable and delicate on the skin.