“Passion I hate, and spirit does me wrong. Let us love gently” Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal

Actually, this post is about the poetry of smell and the rhymes between fragrance notes.

This post is for my male friends, who are asking advices about what to wear and where to buy perfumes from. I will try to review as often as I can male fragrances, not only for them, but also for me, because I myself wear masculine perfumes from time to time.

One of my all-time favorite male fragrances is Fleur du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. This one is a classic, launched in 2007, and it’s from the collection Le Male. Jean Paul Gaultier has two interesting perfume lines: Classic for women and Le Male for men. Every year, the house launches a new version of each, in a slightly different design and formula.

I got Fleur du Male for myself, six or seven years ago, from Best Value.

The box is the well known metal cylinder in white. The bottle is the male sculpted torso, also in white, with the ring around the sprayer. And the perfume … oh, the perfume is a sweet intoxicating powerful scent, that penetrates all your senses, making this fragrance addicting.

The perfume has a simple structure, with only four components, mixed in such an unique way that the final result is so complex and well mixed. It is also very long lasting.

It is not an easy to wear fragrance, and for some it can be suffocating. I see it on a strong male, that is able to own a room and doesn’t get overwhelmed easily. This fragrance only enhances one’s power, and it is a perfect accessory for a business suit, cufflinks and technology. Even if it is a sweet intoxicating aroma, I do recommend it for every ay wear at the office or at a cocktail party.

As for myself, I love to wear it with a masculine outfit, white shirt, black straight pants, tie and cufflinks or in a totally different combination, with a very lady-like outfit, in order to add a drop of strength to a very delicate image, using it as a hidden weapon. Do you know those classical movies in which the woman takes out a small pistol from a little black clutch?! Well, this is how I feel when I use Fleur du Male, like a have a small weapon hidden somewhere: it gives me confidence, comfort and a wicked smile.

I would advise against blind buy, but definitely I would advise you to try it on, see how you get along and buy, also because it is a medium to cheap perfume, that smells like a super-expensive niche one.