The scent of Paradise

I really don’t know how Paradise would smell, but Paradiso line from Roberto Cavalli sure tries to capture it.

The first perfume from this line I got was a blind buy, from a trusted source, last year.

It was not my first Cavalli, but my third, so I knew the brand and quite like it.

Paradiso hit the markets in 2015, and was followed by another three versions, all of them as nice as the first one.

What first attracted me to it was the box, a green and golden box, whit the reinterpreted serpent of Cavalli, as a belt. It found it elegant and appealing, somewhat Hollywood luxuriant.

Then, I discovered the bottle, which reminds me of the same old Hollywood opulence, with the diamond shape cap, golden border and crystal appearance.

The scent is very nice, quite impressive considering that it is a cheap perfume, definitely worthing the money spent.

It is a sweet flowery perfume, not very complex as composition, but with an interesting result on the skin. I love the base notes, which are not that common: cypress, parasol pine and pink laurel.

The middle note of jasmin is very well blended, creating a perfect liaison between the woody-sweet base notes and the bergamot and mandarin on the top.

It is a day-to-day fragrance, suited for normal activities and normal outfits, not very precious or overwhelming. It is not a statement fragrance, but it is a good one, perfect if you don’t want to invest a lot in a perfume.

Again, for this one also, I would advise against blind buy, because one might find that woody notes disturbing and sickening.

All in all, good fragrance, cheap, nice to wear on a day to day basis, and very well looking on a perfume display shelf.