Let’s Play

1st of June has a double meaning today: International Children’s Day and terraces and bars reopening, in Romania, after the lockdown. Also, being the first day of summer, I chose a classic fragrance that is very candy sweet: Play Intense from Givenchy.

I’m in love with Givenchy fragrances, as you will see in the future. Although this one has only ten years, I say it’s already a classic, due to the aroma and fame it has.

This specific one, I got as a present from my mother in law, who entered that strange category of humans that are faithful to only one fragrance :).

Play was launched in 2010 as the woman version of Play for Him, that hit the market in 2008.

It has an interesting composition, not very familiar or super-used notes, resulting in a sweet candy like smell.

I find it very suited for summer days, because it is a fun, playful aroma, to wear when enjoying a day out in the sun. Also, it is perfect for young girls and women, that are at the beginning of their fragrances journey. 

Although it is not a very precious fragrance, it is so Givenchy, having that all day and all taste scent, not very flamboyant but definitely not flat and boring. It is not a statement  fragrance, but it is perfect for day to day wear, because it is comforting.

I’m not sure if you can find it in on-line stores, but if you are a perfume lover, this one should be in the personal collection.