Sweet Lira

Continuing the playful mood I entered yesterday, I chose as a scent of the day one sweet perfume – Lira by Xerjoff

I got this one in the 30 ml version, from Notino, with a nice offer – about 70 euro, two years ago.

The overall effect of this fragrance is a caramel sweet scent, very suited for a cold summer day, as I am experiencing today. It’s a very playful aroma, suited for a normal day, when you need a boost of fun and happiness.

The notes are very well blended, and I’m very happy with that, because I really don’t like lavander and I cannot perceive it. The bergamot and blood orange in the top notes are followed by some discreet cinnamon, jasmin and licorice, and all of them blend into the base notes, leaving a vanilla caramel gourmand aroma on your skin.

Although it is very sweet, I find it perfect for an everyday wear, mostly on cold days, because it can be a bit overwhelming in hot summer days. It is not a precious fragrance, not very complex, so I wouldn’t recommend it for elegant events, maybe for a night out in a club or terrace.

I advise against blind buy, especially if you prefer fresh, flowery or woody notes. Lira has non of them. Try it on, see how you get along, because it is an expensive fragrance. All in all, I like it, but my tastes in fragrances are somewhat strange :).