What’s deeper than Deep Red

This another one of my all time favorites. I bought the first bottle of Deep Red almost 20 years ago and I still like it.

It is a sweet intoxicating scent, that made me fall in love with this type of fragrances.

It is a complex formula with a complicated result, the scent on the skin being sweet, woody, powdery and intoxicating. It is a very seductive aroma.

From the top notes, you can feel a fresh sweet combination, of pears, citrus and black currant. They melt into the middle flowery ginger spiced notes, that blend perfectly with the woody sweet base notes of sandal, musk, cedar and vanilla.

It is definitely a classic fragrance, time traveling and still worth buying and wearing. It is a mature scent, suited for office work. For me, it is an easy to wear fragrance, and I turn to it now and then, because it makes me feel noticeable. You definitely should give it a try, especially because it is a great deal these days: a very good fragrance, long lasting, at a very low price. In duty free shops across Europe is about 30 euro.