I think I had an obsession for Patchouli Blanc

Many years ago, I got a sample of Reminiscence – Patchouli Blanc with a women’s magazine and for many years I have been looking to buy an entire bottle of this fragrance, because it was love at first smell for me.

And for years, from time to time, I searched google for it, but there was no where to be found. Three years ago, I saw it in a perfumery in Luxembourg, but didn’t but it (bought other perfumes, but not thins one). In February, browsing the internet, I found Parfimo, a new website selling perfumes in Romania, and the first order I placed was for my old obsession, Patchouli Blanc.

It is perfect for every day wear, because it is delicate and discrete, powdery and sweet, reminding me of the smell of freshly showered  skin in a warm summer morning.

It is a comforting scent, medium lasting, perfect for work or travel.

Although the notes are somewhat intense: star anise, sandalwood, amber, patchouli and musk, the overall result is a powdery sweet scent, a bit like Marseille Soap, which I also love. The perfume reminds me also of old eau du cologne scent, but I love this classical effect on perfumes.

It is not a young-ish aroma, quite the contrary: it is a scent for a mature woman, very lady like.

It is definitely not an all taste fragrance, but it is worth trying, also because it is a great deal: niche smelling scent at a very cheap price, made from expensive ingredients, from Grasse, the kingdom of perfumes.