Terrasse a St-Germain

With the terraces opening this days after the lockdown, I decided to wear, as tribute, a fragrance that evokes the fun and leisure one has when sitting at a table, enjoying a drink in a sunny afternoon.

Terrasse a St-Germain was a blind buy a few tears back, a nice surprise at a medium price, from Best Value – I think it was a Black Friday offer.

After buying it, I started to read about Jul et Mad house, and found out actually that Mad is a romanian lady in charge of the marketing and PR of this niche perfumery house. The couple has a nice story and they really are success example when creating perfumes.

Returning to Terrasse a St-Germain, this one is an unisex fragrance, sweet, a bit intoxicating, very long lasting, that I find to be more appropriate for a business man than a delicate lady. It’s a bit harsh, strong aroma and definitely a statement perfume.

The notes are very well chosen, mixed very well together, in a final result of musk and patchouli layer. Although it opens with tangerine, rhubarb and grapefruit, it is not a fresh scent. The middle notes are flowers: freesia, lotus and blue rose, a quite interesting and not so usual combination. The base notes are woody: sandal, patchouli and musk. The effect on the skin actually reminds me of those Chinese perfumed wood fans, a bit powdery, a bit sweet, a bit spicy.

As I mentioned, although is an unixes fragrance, it is more suited for a man in a suite, at work, in a powerful role. If you are a delicate woman, young and restless, than you should go for other fragrances from Jul et Mad. If you feel you need to empower yourself, Terrasse a St-Germain is perfect. Try it on first, don’t blind buy it and use it with care.